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We had our annual family trip to The Handmade Fair on Sunday to source more suppliers and it was a fab day as usual.

Last year, the fair was situated in the actual grounds of Hampton Court Palace but they changed the venue this year to The Green.  Apparently last year, exhibitors found it a bit of trek to keep going back to the main car park to restock their stands.  The Green is supposedly nearer so much easier for them to access stock.  It didn’t really make much of a difference to us, other than a bit of a schlep from our overflow car park to The Green (mental note for next year: get there on time!).

We only had access to the grounds itself and not the craft classes but managed to see every exhibitor.  Loads of brilliantly creative people in the East and West Tents showcasing their handmade products across all different crafts; sewing, knitting, needlepoint, felting, embroidery, jewellery, wood, paper, fabric, ceramics, paint and many other mediums. (That’s me and my little boy in the foreground checking out the stalls).


I found some potential new suppliers and am really excited to be getting some lovely new product for you all.  I think you’ll be smiling when you see what we’ve been looking at.  Hopefully we’ll be expanding our range of needlepoint, moving into a few new crafts and getting some fab decs for Christmas.  We will reveal more when we have more to tell you!

The Super Theatre where craft sessions are held

The boys checking out which way we should go next!

Cute coffee bar à la vintage theme

We picnicked under the covered seating area and grabbed a flat white from the lovely ladies at Landy Girls Outdoor Coffee Co. serving out the back of their gorgeous Land Rover.

My only gripe is that there isn’t much for children to do; in fact we couldn’t even find an ice-cream stall which the boys were mightily disappointed about but they were compensated for their good behaviour with cupcakes from Zeezees Delicacy!  A little play area would, I’m sure, attract a few more parents to the event knowing that there would be something there to amuse the kids whilst they had a look around and during their craft session.

I did however find a pie van that has a great solution to naughty children if they decide to misbehave whilst at The Handmade Fair!


We are really exciting to be working with the new people that we met at the weekend and are already looking forward to our yearly visit next year!

Did you go to the fair?  What did you think?  Let us know below.


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