What We Saw At The Knitting & Stitching Show

Jenny Henry

My second time visiting the The Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace on Sunday and I would say that it is definitely better than last year!  I really think that people have upped their game in terms of what they are offering and things are definitely looking more modern and contemporary and a lot less fluffy rabbits IYKWIM!

(Completely unrelated to the event, but the views over London however from Ally Pally itself remain as amazing as ever.  I just love the silhouettes on the sky line of all the iconic buildings.)

There are basically three rooms where people exhibit their products.  The first room that you enter is probably more boutiquey and I always love what’s being shown in there.

Jenny Henry

Jenny Henry from Jenny Henry Designs was exhibiting her gorgeous needlepoint kits in that room.  It was great meeting up with her again and see what she’s been working on lately.  L O V I N G her new products: cuffs, ceramic embroidered necklaces.  SPOILER ALERT: We will be stocking these very soon so keep your eyes peeled for these lovelies.  Look out for them in the needlepoint section.

Pom Pom Designs

Popped into the side room and saw Helena Benou-Zou from Pom Pom Designs on her first stand at The Knitting & Stitching Show.  Her stand was popping with colour and her gorgeous pillows and kits were on sale.  We still adore her work as do many of our customers!  You can check them all out here.  Helena here busy with customers!

I then spent quite a bit of time in the main room and I have to say, a lot of it was due to my buying some very gorgeous teal coloured boiled wool to make myself a new coat and pencil skirt!  Eeek, excited about that and can’t wait to get sewing.  The lovely thing about boiled wool is that it doesn’t need hemming as it doesn’t fray.  Great for beginners and busy mums as you can sew a whole item in a few hours. Bonus!

Katie’s Plaice, the Stitchmongery

My husband spotted an article in a London paper about Katie Jenkins, who had created a knitting installation called Katie’s Plaice, the Stitchmongery.  I was keen to see her exquisitely knitted sardines, lobsters, crabs and shrimps and can report back that they are I N C R E D I B L E.  You seriously wouldn’t know that they weren’t real.  Katie herself dressed up as a fishmonger with hat and apron to make it all the more real.  Absolutely inspired!  Apparently she’s often asked the same few questions and so has provided an FAQ with answers as below:

1. Question. How long did it take?
Answer. 9 months
2. Question. Why did you make it?
Answer. Why not
3. Question. Is your father a fisherman?
Answer. No


I popped to the Clothkits stand which was gorgeous colourful with lots of lovely new product.

Merchant & Mills


We wrote about our favourite craft books last week and one of them was by the fabulous Merchant & Mills and so couldn’t resist taking a pic of their stand for you all to see as it was really quite different to the other stands.  Very true to their brand of a no nonsense utilitarian look.

There were many more amazingly stitched and knitted items to see but so many people disallow photos from being taken which I think is a real shame as it would allow more people to see them and be inspired.

I’ll definitely be back next year and hope to photographically document it more if I can!



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