How Small Can You Go?

tiny cupcakes

There is an increasing growing trend for big, chunky knitting on huge needles which we love here at Inching Closer (spoiler alert: stay tuned for some exciting news on some new huge knit kits which we believe to be the best out there!).

But have you ever wondered how small you can go with a pair of needles?

The answer it appears, is as small as the needles (or substitute material) will allow you to go.

We’ve had a search around the internet to bring you the best of the tiny knits to inspire you if you’d like to knit up some cute little friends for yourself or a lucky recipient.

Hannah from the KnitPicks knitting blog has knitted tiny cupcakes on her size 0 knitting needles (yep pretty small!).  Still a commercially available size that allows you to get to a size that is very small.

tiny cupcakes

When you think of superheroes, you think of hulking strong men the size of buildings, not tiny people the size of thimbles!

tiny superheroes

Althea Crome of Bug Knits has really taken knitting miniatures to the extreme by knitting ordinary everyday items.  The size of the garments is amazing, accomplished by knitting her sweaters and gloves with silk sewing thread instead of yarn, and polished surgical wire instead of needles, because conventional knitting tools are just not small enough. The level of detail that she manages to incorporate in the designs is also astonishing given they are knitted on a 1:12 scale of the real thing.

tiny socks  Christmas front

I don’t know anything about the origin of these gorgeous dresses but they were just so lovely to not include.

tiny dresses

We are of course big, big advocates of the Mochimochi tiny knits by Anna Hrachovec so we couldn’t not include these in this blog.  Anna is a genius with her tiny knits many of which we stock in our shop.  We are loving the tiny record player too!

tiny unicorn  tiny record player  tiny viking


And here are a couple of GIFs purely for your viewing pleasure….. (just click on the image to work)

These dancing birds by Cathartic Ink are delightful.



And these tiny cavemen just make me laugh!





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