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If you’re like me, you’ll always be trying to find different and interesting presents for the kids at Christmas time. They get so many things from friends and relatives that I struggle to ever really know what to get them that will keep them entertained, engaged and interested and hopefully learn something new as well.

Creativity has always been a really big part of my life and it’s something that I would like to pass onto my children.  If they have the desire to make things, I want to ensure that I give them the opportunity to do that.

I was lucky to have the crafts of sewing and knitting passed on to me via my mother and grandmother and now my sister and I are avid handmakers. Her two boys have ended up incredibly sporty and have excelled at that but I’m yet to find out what my two little boys will be interested in.  Being 3.5 and 2, they are still into cars and trains, but the older one loves making things with boxes and sticking “shiny things” on!

I’m always on the lookout for kits that both boys and girls can do so as to not restrict to just one gender.  Some of the kits when made up are suitable for very young children so these ones would need to be sewn up for them but they can always be involved in the process to show them how to get from material to completed item.  Other kits are suitable for children to sew themselves with help (either handsewn or machine sewn) from ages 8+.

Something for the littlies

Car & Garage kit

For the little ones that love their cars and vehicles, this is a great ‘shove it in Mum’s bag’ toy for those times when you need to keep them amused when out and about.  Keep in in your bag or in the buggy and you’ll always have something with you to keep them busy.

Kokeshi Dolls

This is our other ‘take everywhere’ toy.  So easy to throw into Mum’s handbag to keep the small ones happy in the cafe when you’re needing a little quiet time!

Things they can make themselves


For the budding sewers, our range of little stuffed animals are a great introduction for those just starting to sew and equally for those that are a little more advanced.



Monkey is a great level 1 kit for those just starting out sewing

Animal level 2 kits

These level 2 kits are perfect for those that have a little more experience and can be hand or machine sewn.  These involve sewing and embroidery so a fab way to introduce a different skill.



Barn Owl is a level 3 kit and for the more advanced sewer


For the prince and princesses in your life.  Get them to help you sew themselves a fabric crown and use it in imaginative play.

Make your own Clothkits Kitty

For those of you that remember the 70s brand Clothkits, Kitty was all the rage and so many little girls (including myself) had one.  Mine is still going strong and now the little people of today can have their own as she’s been rereleased.  Get a little person sewing their own doll by hand or machine and enjoy sewing her up a little wardrobe too.

Lunch bag

And finally, get them to sew themselves a lunch bag and take their lunch with them with pride in something they’ve made themselves.

The bag comes in two designs so choose between boy and girl or bunny.

So whatever age of your little ones, there’s plenty for them to have sewn up for them or for them to sew themselves.

Enhance their creativity and get them sewing. They will love using what they make!


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