DIY White and Gold Clay Magnets

DIY clay magnets


I’ve had this magnetic chalkboard I bought from ikea for years and never did anything with it for two reasons – one, I am left handed so chalk, or any writing medium for that matter, just smears as you go and two, I have the handwriting of a 9 year old. it’s unfortunate. I decided to turn it into more of a focal point in our kitchen, adding notes, photos, and gettin’ some green all up in it! I had some fondant cutters I never used so I was all like, number magnets?! Cool!




Start by kneading the clay so it’s easier to work with. once it’s nice and soft, use a rolling pin and start flattening it like you would with cookie dough. once the clay is  between 1/8″-1/4″ thick, depending on preference, cut the shapes out. I used a toothpick to gently nudge the clay out if it gets stuck in the cutter. follow the instructions on the box for proper baking time.


Once dry, paint the pieces white and let them dry for a few hours. I used the liquid gilding to fully paint some magnets and for others i just did sections. that liquid stuff is so cool! and who doesn’t like gold?! Finally use a coat of glaze for some extra sheen and even out the paint and gold textures. Using super glue, attach the little magnets. I’m not going to lie, this was such a pain in the ass, ha! The magnets I got were only 1/16″ and so they were hard to pick up and attach. I used tweezers to drop them in the glue and push down.



This chalkboard has little metal trays, so I stuffed them with moss and arranged some air plants in it. I was wondering if the trays were large enough to grow some herbs, what do you think?!

p.s. – the card is from ashkahn and the photo is from max wanger! I also made the “stay awhile” with some pliers and wire I spray painted gold!

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