DIY Space Rocket Frozen Yoghurts

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Space is a popular theme at the moment having just had our own astronaut in space.  If your kids have been following along with Tim Peake’s adventures and love finding about space, get them to DIY their own super space rocket frozen yoghurts.  This is a great activity for little kids as they get mesmerised by seeing the white yoghurt turn colour in front of their eyes!  The frozen yoghurts can then be decorated in so many ways that the sky (or space) is literally your limit!

How To Make Super Space Rocket Frozen Yoghurts:

  • Get a large tube of natural yoghurt and spoon into three or four separate bowls (or into as many bowls as you have colours!)
  • Add a little honey into the yoghurt if it is the plain old variety and not the slightly sweetened vanilla flavoured yoghurt.  I tried making these with plain yoghurt and it really could have done with sweetening a little
  • Add a little food colouring to each of the bowls and mix thoroughly.  I used Wilton’s food colouring which I always use when cake baking.  The colours are pretty so you never need that much of it to achieve a strong effect.  I always find the liquid versions that you get in supermarkets are so mild that you end up using so much that you can end up watering down your cake batter, or in this instance, your yoghurt
  • Once you have a few bowls of coloured yoghurt, you can proceed in two ways:
    • either spoon a little of each of the coloured mixtures straight into your frozen ice lolly moulds and give them a little stir. Just stir enough to mix the colours but not too much so that you can’t see the individual colours or;
    • spoon a little of each coloured mixture into another bowl, stir very gently so that each colour can be seen and then spoon into the frozen ice lolly moulds
  • Add the lid onto the moulds once full and pop into the freezer for 3-4 hours until completely frozen
  • When you’re ready to eat your yoghurts, always make sure to run the moulds under hot tap water to ‘loosen’ the frozen yoghurt.  If you just give them a good old yank, you risk the handle coming completely out of the frozen yoghurt!
  • Options:
    • You could add some chopped fruits into the mixture ie. strawberries, raspberries, grapes etc to add a little more interest
    • Sprinkling a little edible food glitter to the outside of the space rocket once you’ve taken it out of the mould can add to the galactic feel
  • You budding little astronauts will be over the moon!

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Can’t wait to see your ‘out of this world’ rockets 🚀



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