Knitting tips and tricks

Anna from Mochimochi Land has put together really useful tips and tricks for knitting and sewing her little people.  Whilst some of the tips are specifically about finishing her little knit kits, there are also really useful tips on how to picking up stitches, knit with double pointed needles (DPNs) and how to join finished pieces together for a virtually invisible seam.


Embroidery stitch library

Michelle from Kiriki has put together a fabulous embroidery stitch library with tips and tricks to make up her fabulous dolls.  These stitches however can also be applied to any other project you want to embroider so take a look if you’re embarking on your first project or if you need a refresher.

Embroidery tips

Quick and easy tips on how to thread your needle and split embroidery thread (floss), take a look at Dandelyne’s useful embroidery tips.


Needlepoint stitches

Pom Pom designs have put together a collection of videos to help in the making of their lovely pillows and cushions should you need help with attaching a canvas to a frame, making up your pillow or cushion, or sewing a ladder and basketweave tent stitch.