Many people look at handmade items and wish they had the skills to create something beautiful and lasting. 

Some however have never touched a knitting or a sewing needle and wouldn’t know where or how to start.

That’s where Inching Closer comes in. 

We want to help people find a craft that they would love to try and take them on a journey; to learn or advance skills AND make something really cool while they’re at it.

Don’t just wish you could.  Do it.


Get a kit.

Kits are a fantastic way to try out a new craft or skill with minimal investment and maximum gain.

We have sourced kits from around the world that are contemporary, modern and will quite frankly, provide you with something that you’d be proud to wear or have in your own home.  In the past, crafting kits have been quite kitsch, with fluffy flowers and cutesy kittens but we want to bring handcrafting forward into the 21st century with beautifully designed products that are pieces of art rather than things consigned to the cupboard under the stairs!

At Inching Closer you will find the inspiration, support, advice, resources and tools you’ll need to make the leap and start creating.  

Try one or all crafts and make things you’ll love…..forever.


Heidi Stenning
Creative Director

Loves stitching, knitting, making things out of nothing and generally tinkering with her sewing machine (i.e. not much housework gets done!). Umm, where is the vacuum cleaner??

Alan Fraser
Support Ninja

Super geek that loves meddling with all things IT-ey. Not so much Ninja Turtle as Ninja Binary Codes.